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The Diagnostic Clinic encompasses plant, plant disease and insect identification and provides recommendations for the client. We serve as your CSU Extension Diagnostic resource for commercial growers, crop consultants, golf course maintenance and homeowner samples.

Landscape Plant Health Update: Cold Snap of November, 2014 Lingering Effects:  Polar vortex bulletin Feb 2015.  Contact your local CSU Extension Office for more information.


Emerald Ash Borer has been confirmed in Colorado. It was found in the city of Boulder in September, 2013. As of July, 2015, EAB has NOT been found outside the city of Boulder.  Please visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s webpage for information, resources and FAQ’s related to EAB. CDA is also the point of contact for media inquiries.

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Dr. Tamla Blunt, Director of the Diagnostic Clinic

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