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Basic servicesPrice
Virus testing, serological (ELISA)$30.00 ($5 add. sample)
Plant identification$25.00
Molecular detection, quantitative PCR$80.00 ($10 add. sample)
Molecular detection, conventional PCR$50.00 ($10 add. sample)
General diagnosis + culture$30.00
General diagnosis$25.00
Email/telephone consultation$0.00
Agricultural insect identification$0.00

Specialty Services

The Plant Diagnostic Clinic at CSU specializes in detection of numerous plant pathogens and herbivorous insects. If you are experiencing Pine wilt (pinewood nematode) of needled evergreens, Bacterial leaf streak of corn, Bacterial ring rot, Blackleg/soft rot, Powdery scab or Black dot of potato, specialty services are available. Please contact the Plant Diagnostic Clinic at (970) 491-6950 or for additional information.

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